The Year of the Sheep Says F**k You!



Welcome to 2015, the Year of the Sheep (Goat) in Chinese astrology. I only know because my husband Lorin has been a practitioner of kung fu for over a decade, and we often go to Chinese New Year celebrations with his school. We will not be going this year.

This year represents a great challenge to those born in the year of the Ox. This is because the Goat, the eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac, opposes the Ox, which is the second sign. 

In other words, this year will SUCK for those born in the Year of the Ox. For anyone who’s interested, I’m a Metal Ox, the most intense, determined and motivated of the Ox signs.The Metal Ox is loyal and dependable and lives life with a foundation of morals and tradition. I’m not really traditional, but what the heck. They can’t get it all right.

The Metal Ox is highly motivated and has few limitations as long as he/she remains passionate. Also very stubborn and can a “frightening” temper if pushed (that’s what one of the entries says). He/she has a strong sense of values and justice (true), and could do well in politics or law or in entertainment; famous Metal Oxen include Barack Obama, George Clooney and Forest Whitaker. Hooray for them and me!

On the down side, the Sheep doesn’t like the Ox. What have we ever done to you?

General Forecast for 2015
This may in fact be a complicated year for some Oxen, but it won’t be so for all.

Too late for that, it’s already been a doozy of a year and it’s only January 13.

Focus, determination and following through with your plans will be a must if you want to reap the reward during the last quarter of the year.

I have to wait till the last quarter of the year, so September? What do I do till then? Well, that’s harvest season, sounds like a good time to reap. Also my birthday month.

Career Forecast
Progress may be difficult in 2015. The Oxen may have the feeling that their efforts are worthless.


Money Forecast
Even though they may feel a lot of pressure, they should not commit illicit or unlawful actions. The Ox would run the risk of paying too high a price for the smallest mistake.

Don’t rob a bank or embezzle, check. Don’t jay walk or drive while impaired or tripping on Day Quil. Did you know that drivers have been pulled over for DUIs because they still had traces of NyQuil in their systems from the previous night? I kid you not. Well I also live in New Jersey. It’s one way to gain revenue for an economically floundering state. But I digress. Don’t want to go to prison, check.

Anyway, if they avoid risk investments or unusual initiatives, the balance by the end of the year will be positive.

End of the year? Like when, December 31? I need to know when to invest!

Health Forecast
The biggest danger in 2015 is that, in situations of great tension, health may become a weak link. That means this aspect of life should be a priority.

Okay, so don’t be tense, and I won’t get sick. Easier said than done.

Final Message (Warning, is more like it)
The star Tail of the Leopard appears in the fate of Oxen. To step on the tail of the leopard, inadvertently or not, means the fiercest ferocity will awake and turn against you.

I don’t know of any leopards in my community or workplace, but I will be sure to steer clear of local zoos. I will make sure not to step on my cat Quincy’s tail again so he doesn’t hiss at me.

Due to the influence of this star, people born in the year of the Ox should keep all their possible discretion and avoid provoking people or institutions.

Okay, so no demonstrations, no inflammatory political writings, no acts of domestic terrorism or writing letters to my congressmen. I will also avoid eye contact on the subway at all costs. Check.

Best months of the year 2015 for Ox: April, August, September, October, November and December.

Okay, so I will go live in a cave from now until April 1, then do the same from May through July 31. Seems doable.

That’s my year in Chinese astrology. Now tell me about yours.

11 thoughts on “The Year of the Sheep Says F**k You!

  1. Hey, I’m a metal ox too!! So far my health has been fucked, so I’m starting from a low baseline, hopefully everything from here is upwards. Already took to the streets at a demo…and plan to keep demonstrating. Money, investments…what money? Leopards? Our cat Molly is my constant companion-but I’ll tread softly around her and give plenty of treats. Sounds like quite the year ahead of us Erica….we can dance this together!


  2. Hey, I’m a metal ox too!! We can have a support group here…LOL! My health has been fucked up already, so I’m starting 2015 from a low baseline, so for me the only direction can be up. Hmmm…already been to a demonstration, and planning on being even more politically active this year…so I might need an Kick Starter for bail…and leopards? Erica…we have to be extra sweet with our felines this year. Great post…we have to balance our tragedy with humor…always! Horn to horn onward my friend! We oxen are fearless!

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  3. Well I am a rabbit. It looks like 2015 will be a good year mostly. It says I may have some health issues… (already happening) LOL Nothing major. Something disconcerting though it says I am not a very good match with my spouse of going on 15 years. So I wouldn’t put too much stock in this. 🙂 Fun post.

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