The Cat’s in the Bag

Pince in tote

I sit in the tote bag
and watch the world
although my eyes cannot see.
I feel the vibrations,
smell food and friends
and know everything’s as it should be

I knock over trash cans
and lay in them
sometimes I fall asleep
I huddle in a shopping bag or box–
just about anything

Quince in bag

Q in box

My humans carry me in the basket
up and downstairs
I don’t want to get out,
so I hiss, but I’m not angry

Quincy and laundry basket

I like to pet the Christmas tree,
smell its needles,
and let him know he’s okay.

Quince and tree


(poem by Quincy, photos by his human, Erica)

11 thoughts on “The Cat’s in the Bag

  1. Our cats do more than just “touch the needles”!!! They play havoc with the decorations and you can forget having a skirt under the tree cuz they run and slide on it! Drives me nuts!!! They’re 12 years old, for Pete Sake’s! When are they gonna grow up??? (Probably never…like there owners!) 🙂

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