By Annette Guarrasi

I am blue today. Pinkish/red and beige on the outside, blue on the inside, like us all (we’re all blue-blooded, are we not?) but damn if I cannot seem to get out of my non-pj’s (what I slept in) and wash and get on with my ONE AND ONLY LIFE today. It is Saturday, Summertime…what the eff am I doing? Ok, I’m relaxing; taking ME time seriously, but I am an extrovert so these moments of alone-time and indoor activity make me feel heavy and wasteful. I am, however, grateful to have found your blog, lovely lady.

I grew up in the ‘burbs, so wealthy – a house with a top floor, main floor and basement (all furnished); a front and back yard; food whenever I wanted it and fresh enough water that I am still alive, although sometimes unsavory findings are reported on the news about LI water in my hometown.

I am predominantly a city or, more appropriately, borough gal, but have lived in Westchester for 11 years.  It’s meh. Could be worse; commute’s not bad, I have a roof over and a community around me. I am blessed. So wealthy, still.

It is just shy of 2 p.m. and I feel like a loser for not DOING and MOVING FORWARD while BEING today, but I will forgive myself…maybe tomorrow.

Annette Guarrasi began her acting career performing improv and sketch comedy in NYC, predominantly with Gotham City Improv. After her sarcasm muscles began to ache, she challenged herself with Shakespeare and was fortunate to study for a summer at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (R.A.D.A.) in London. Eventually, she found that her love for writing character monologues led her to a Solo Performance Workshop with Kirsten Ames, where she created her first solo show, “Never Show the Ugly.” She took those skills learned there to write “It Ain’t Pretty” which is being performed at Stage Left Studio on 9/18/14 and 9/21/14 at 7:30 p.m. in NYC.

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