Commuter #1

PORT Authority

(Light classical music pumping through speakersCommuters are standing on a non-moving escalator. A standing sign refers to the escalator as “the motorstairs,” but they don’t move. The sound of cheese nips being crunched underfoot on the filthy metal stairs. Buses are late, with lines of commuters snaking back and forth 4 rows deep in a narrow hallway when they finally make it upstairs. There are 5 different bus lines leaving from this one gate. No fans or AC on, and it is hot. People are sweating.)

Dispatcher (into walkie-talkie): I need 3 expresses and 2 locals. Right away.

(A petite Asian woman tries to push past a middle-aged Caucasian man on line)

Man: Excuse me. Where are you going?

Woman: Ridge-wool.

Man: You have to go to the back of the line.

Woman: No understan.

(Man points to back of line)

Man: (slowly, enunciating) Back of the line. We’ve all been waiting. (to himself) You’re not special.

(The Woman slinks to the back of the line. Dispatcher continues asking for buses on walkie-talkie, but none appear.)

Man (to another woman on line): They think because they’re tourists they can put one over on us. I’m tired of them. Bloomberg used to say they were good for the economy, but they’re not making me rich. All they do is see Broadway shows and block traffic at Times Square, taking pictures. Who needs ‘em?

(No one responds)

I’m only saying what everyone else is afraid to say. They sending our jobs overseas, and we get down-sized or “right-sized”. My best friend got laid off today—35 years on the job. Right-size, my ass!

I’m no commie, but it’s time to change the scenery. Wall Street “banksters”—that’s what the guy on WBAI calls them. I listen to that station sometimes, can’t stand the regular news anymore. Those damn people never stop smiling. Even Charlie Rose.  He used to have dignity. I can’t afford to get my teeth that white.

Charlie didn’t deserve that. What’s he gonna do now, work at McDonald’s? He’s 62 years old. And his wife and 2 kids in college—it ain’t fair.

Time for a revolution.

Dispatcher (into walkie-talkie): I need 5 expresses and 3 locals. Now.

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